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House dust mites

House dust mite allergy is very common and is due to an allergic response to the pooh of house dust mites.

House dust mites are microscopic organisms that live on dust found around the home.

House dust mite allergy can give a runny and blocked nose (allergic rhinitis) as well as making asthma worse.

House dust mites live in all homes are their presence does not reflect how clean your home is. They are found in high numbers in bedding and prefer warm and damp conditions. House dust mite allergy can be tested for with skin prick testing.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to reduce the number of house dust mites and a recent cochrane review found that attempts to reduce house dust mites were typically ineffective.

It is advisable to discuss the need for eradication of house dust mite with your health professional; especially before purchasing commercially available tools geared at reducing dust mite levels.

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