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Diagnosing Eczema

If you think your child may have eczema eg a red itchy rash and dry skin then talk to a health professional eg GP, pharmacist, nurse about what you should do next.

Your healthcare professional should:

    1. Recognise that your child has eczema or an eczema flare

    2. Find out whether anything seems to make the eczema worse or better? You may be asked about irritants (e.g. washing products, toiletries, bathing) and triggers (e.g. foods, toiletries, pets, heat and cold) and what creams or lotions you are using

    3. Help you to manage symptoms by providing a management plan or refer you to someone who can provide you with a management plan

    4. If necessary, refer your child to a specialist clinic e.g. dermatologist (skin doctor), allergy specialist, paediatrician (children's doctor), or to a GP, dietician or nurse who can help

The health professional may use a questionnaire to help assess how severe the eczema is.

Below is a link to our online quality of life tool. The aim of this questionnaire is to measure how much your skin problem has affected your life over the last week to assess its severity. Have a go yourelf: