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How bad is my eczema?


Severe eczema should be treated in hospital immediately if:

  • Eczema is severely infected with bacteria

  • Eczema is infected with the herpes virus(Eczema Herpeticum)

  • Your child has a fever caused by infected eczema

  • Your child is not growing or developing properly because of their eczema

Non Acute

  • Clear/Mild - itches sometimes, some redness and dryness

  • Moderate - itches quite often, keeps your child awake, red, broken skin made worse by scratching and localised skin thickening

  • Severe - itches all the time, keeps your child awake, covers large areas, broken skin made worse by scratching, larger areas of skin thickening, bleeding

Below is a link to our online quality of life tool. The aim of this questionnaire is to measure how much your skin problem has affected your life over the last week to assess its severity. Have a go yourelf.

Also, take a look at the two videos below covering finding out about eczema and its impact on family and social life:

QoL tool
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