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Eczema Treatments

The NICE guideline says that treatment for your child's atopic eczema should be 'stepped up' or 'stepped down' depending on how severe the eczema is. For instance, if the eczema gets worse, your doctor may advise using a different treatment.

Different areas of skin may need to be treated differently if the eczema is more severe in some places than others.

Your doctor should give you advice on recognising 'flares' of atopic eczema - this is when the skin becomes more dry, itchy, red or swollen. They should discuss this with you and make sure you have all the information and treatments you need to manage the atopic eczema when there is a flare.

Flare treatment should be started as soon as symptoms appear, and carried on for at least 48 hours after the flare has stopped.

The most commonly used treatments are moisturisers and steroid creams.

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