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Class 2 Drug Alert (Medicines recall)

The adrenaline autoinjectors Anapen 150mcg, Anapen 300mcg and Anapen 500mcg have been recalled by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency. This means that all patients who carry an Anapen should visit their doctor to return their Anapens and be supplied with an alternative autoinjector such as Epipen or JEXT. It is very important that any patient who does this receives appropriate training in how to use the new device.

If you live in North-West London or are a patient of St. Mary's Hospital Children's Allergy Department and wish to be trained in your new device here then please contact us.

The reason for this 'drug recall' is explained in the MHRA document below - no actual problem with the Anapen has been reported by patients; this recall is precautionary: